Episode 144: Endometriosis & Autism Advocate Kendall Rayburn

Episode 144: Endometriosis & Autism Advocate Kendall Rayburn


Originally launched as a means of sharing her craft projects, Kendall Rayburn’s namesake blog has since evolved into her passionate full-time occupation: a place to pour her heart into content across the lifestyle spectrum (see: plus-size fashion, family-friendly travel and activities, home decor, recipes, and more). It has also become a powerful vehicle for sharing her struggles with endometriosis — all with the token contagious positivity that’s garnered her a devoted following. Add to that her candid takes on being a Spoonie mom to son Wyatt, who lives with autism, and you’ve got an oasis of advocacy and lifestyle like no other. We dare you not to fall in love with the happy, hectic world of Kendall!



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