Work with Lauren and Uninvisible Pod

Lauren consults on a variety of projects and with individuals and companies in the healthcare arena and beyond. Please get in contact for rates and availability!



A trained actress, VO artist, and healthcare activist, Lauren is no stranger to the spotlight.

Years of work have given her the confidence to speak directly, engage with audience members, and reveal truths with grace and laser-focus. She has been a panelist and moderator at health and wellness-centered conferences, as well as at conferences centered around female entrepreneurship; in addition, she is an ideal  contributor for appearances on film, TV, and radio/podcasts.

Relevant topics include:

  • disability, accessibility, and digital communication
  • how to engage patients and renew trust
  • how to expand dialogue between patients and caregivers
  • how to become your own advocate
  • how to navigate the US healthcare system
  • crafting your story: how to get what you need out of a specialist visit
    (particular areas of expertise: depression, anxiety, Hashimoto’s disease and
    related thyroid autoimmune disorders, sleep apnea and related disorders)


Lauren has been published in several media outlets, including Health magazine.

  • creative content
  • copywriting
  • content review for websites, social media, and publication
  • press releases
  • topical opinion pieces with a focus on disability and inclusion


Lauren is available to consult on a variety of projects within the healthcare industry, and also coaches on how to launch a podcast. A trained actress, she also coaches on public speaking and how to engage meaningfully with your audience.

  • public speaking: communication, presence, commanding the stage, and taking your eyes off the page to engage
  • corporate disability sensitivity training
  • partnerships in the invisible and chronic illness community —including influencers and brands
  • focus groups, conferences, and marketing strategy sessions
  • expert commentary and quotes for print, video, and other media
  • podcast ideation, creation, and marketing strategy


Lauren is always seeking new partnerships, open to collaboration, and loves to connect with patient leaders and brands for optimal engagement.

  • ad space in-episode (sponsorship)
  • sponsored social posts (advertising)
  • post generation and giveaways (advertising and affiliate)
  • Insta/Twitter/FB live takeovers (network alignment)
  • recorded ads for other podcasters (don’t feel confident in your ad recordings? I can teach you some tips AND record them for you in my home studio!)


Download Hacking Healthcare: A Resource Guide

From messages of empowerment to maximizing time during your doctor's visit, this is an invaluable guide intended to make healthcare more accessible.

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