Episode 84: Autism, ADHD, & #BDLM w/ Jennifer White-Johnson

Episode 84: Autism, ADHD, & #BDLM w/ Jennifer White-Johnson


Jennifer White-Johnson is a designer, photographer, art activist, and art educator. Her work focuses on the intersection of content and caregiving with an emphasis on redesigning ableist visual culture. In this interview, Jen shares her experience living with Graves’ disease and undiagnosed ADHD, as well as her son’s diagnosis of autism at age 2. When Knox was diagnosed on the spectrum, Jen began to examine the absence of Black disabled children in digital and literary media. This motivated the release of an advocacy photo zine entitled KnoxRoxs, which was intended to give visibility to children of color in the Black autistic community. Since its release, the zine has received national and international recognition, including features in AfroPunk and The 2019 Women’s March on Washington; it is also permanently archived in libraries at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. As we discuss on the show, Jen believes that true allyship can only come from designing with the disability community in mind. As designer of the #BlackDisabledLivesMatter symbol (available as a free download on her website at jenwhitejohnson.com), her recent work has been instrumental in reigniting much-needed dialogue about disability justice within the Black disabled community, helping to shift stigmas while aiming to eradicate racist and ableist media. Jen’s mission, in her words, is to reimagine “Mothering as an act of Resistance”, redesigning ableist visual culture by “encouraging communities to engage in conversations about acceptance, rooted in how Black Neurodivergent children are valued and seen.”



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Black Disabled Lives Matter #BDLM Jennifer White-Johnson

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