Monthly Round Up September 2021

September marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and it was our privilege to welcome to the show retired NYPD detective Tom Frey. Following his rescue work at Ground Zero, Tom…

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Monthly Round Up August 2021

If we were to subtitle the theme of the two guests who joined us in August, it could well be: Left To Their Own Devices. Cass Rush lives Stateside under…

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Monthly Round Up July 2021

In July, we talked with two social media stars! And each has a handle that’s as catchy as their content … Mr. NoStressMS himself, Damian Washington, and Faith Ashenden of…

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Monthly Round Up June 2021

In June, our guests gave us insight into living lives that many of us might find unfamiliar. We are grateful that Tiffany Yu and Dani Donovan shared their stories so…

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Monthly Round Up May 2021

Our episodes aired in May are great examples of that concept of slow but sure realization … when it dawns on you!   For three sisters coming together regularly to…

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Pain Is My Wise Teacher

By: Dr. Karyn Shanks, Founder of The Center for Medicine and Healing Arts Pain is my wise teacher, but not my destiny. When I was 50, I completely decompensated when…

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Lyme Awareness Month

By: Dr. Casey Kelley, Founder of Case Integrative Health, and Alexandra Moresco, Founder of Advocacy Express May is Lyme Awareness Month, which means it’s a great time to get educated…

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Monthly Round Up April 2021

In April, Lauren took a much-needed rest due to health flares, relying on her loyal listeners for their understanding while she briefly stepped back to give herself healing space and…

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Monthly Round Up March 2021

We continued our series on Lyme disease during the month of March, and we began a new series on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) … throwing in for good measure in-between an…

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Monthly Round Up February 2021

We hear such meaningful advice from every single person who appears on Uninvisible Pod. But one nugget that we hear often, and that bears repeating, is: always go with your…

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Monthly Round Up January 2021

January has become a happy month at Uninvisible Pod, because it’s the month we started! You can now access two whole years of podcast eps. We’re keeping up the pace…

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