Sharing information, inspiration, and comfort while advocating for greater awareness has given us a few compliments along the way...

Lively and inspiring interviews that are uplifting and hugely informative. You learn so much from the interaction between the knowledgeable host…an invisible illness survivor…and her extremely interesting interview subjects, who are both fellow survivors and health professionals.

— Helen

Lauren has a way of bringing out people’s best truth. – Emily

Fearless, funny, and into gems; Lauren rallies around each guest and we learn and grow and get engaged in our own health victories all over again! — Sonora

While all patients deserve an advocate, Lauren gives voice to patients who often feel voiceless because their disease is not visible to the naked-eye. In a world where judgment about someone is often based on ‘first glance,’ Lauren’s dedication to raising awareness about the suffering that is more than skin deep makes her a Patient Leader Hero. — Kathleen

Inspiring interviews that are informative. You are encouraged with the interaction and knowledge that are shared. Lauren has excellent skills and drive to help people who lost hopes to find their path. — Wendy is the most sensitive, informative, vital pod relating to people who have invisible illnesses. It opens the world’s eyes to the diverse sufferings of this unique population. It also frees the afflicted by enabling them to share information, providing live, first-hand, heart-rending, open expression of their different illnesses. — Howard

Full of valuable information and insight. – Sofie

Super engaging and informative! Do not miss out on learning more about the human experience. – Robin

I have been going through the process of doctors appointments and such trying to find out what’s going on with me. This podcast is so informative and it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this process. I highly recommend giving it a listen. – Will

This podcast has so many great bits of information and knowledge about how to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Interspersed with humor and wit, Lauren does a great job of interviewing experts and making the takeaways real. I’d highly recommend this podcast to anyone who cares about their health… Which should be everyone! – Rachel

Very interesting podcast and accessible to all. Lauren’s voice is amazing and her approach is curiosity at its best – on a mission to discover a better understanding of our bodies within the environment we live in today. – Alycia

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