Lively and inspiring interviews that are uplifting and hugely informative. You learn so much from the interaction between the knowledgeable host…an invisible illness survivor…and her extremely interesting interview subjects, who are both fellow survivors and health professionals.   — Helen is the most sensitive, informative, vital pod relating to people who have invisible illnesses. It opens the world’s eyes to the diverse sufferings of this unique population. It also frees the afflicted by enabling them to share information, providing live, first-hand, heart-rending, open expression of their different illnesses.   — Howard

Fearless, funny, and into gems; Lauren rallies around each guest and we learn and grow and get engaged in our own health victories all over again!   — Sonora 

 While all patients deserve an advocate, Lauren gives voice to patients who often feel voiceless because their disease is not visible to the naked-eye. In a world where judgment about someone is often based on ‘first glance,’ Lauren’s dedication to raising awareness about the suffering that is more than skin deep makes her a Patient Leader Hero.   — Kathleen

 Inspiring interviews that are informative. You are encouraged with the interaction and knowledge that are shared. Lauren has excellent skills and drive to help people who lost hopes to find their path.  — Wendy

Lauren has a way of bringing out people’s best truth. – Emily

Full of valuable information and insight. – Sofie

Super engaging and informative! Do not miss out on learning more about the human experience. – Robin

I have been going through the process of doctors appointments and such trying to find out what’s going on with me. This podcast is so informative and it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this process. I highly recommend giving it a listen. – Will

This podcast has so many great bits of information and knowledge about how to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Interspersed with humor and wit, Lauren does a great job of interviewing experts and making the takeaways real. I’d highly recommend this podcast to anyone who cares about their health… Which should be everyone! – Rachel

Very interesting podcast and accessible to all. Lauren’s voice is amazing and her approach is curiosity at its best – on a mission to discover a better understanding of our bodies within the environment we live in today. – Alycia

In a world filled to the gills with people using social media to send each other photos of the sandwich they’re eating for lunch, it’s such a relief to discover a podcast that can serve to give a voice to people that have had to suffer a serious illness in silence. – Jim

This is such a necessary forum for those affected by invisible illness. Thank you for providing such a beautiful resource, and a community for those who are often overlooked, not taken seriously, or ignored by modern medicine and society at large. Give it a listen! – Devlin

These conversations about chronic illness are a breath of fresh air. Honest, heartfelt and informative this is a must listen for anyone who has or knows someone with an invisible illness! – Marie

Thank you for this amazing podcast and shedding light on invisible illnesses! Can’t wait for more! – Chloé

UN/INVISIBLE gives you an opportunity to directly hear from other people with your ailment (and similar and different ones) on a very personal level. It is comforting to learn how to cope and deal with these issues. You feel emotionally strengthened and may also gain medical insights from them, the smart moderator, and the various wise doctors and specialists who participate. You knew you were not alone, but with UN/INVISIBLE, you really feel it. It’s empowering; a semi-joyous, long overdue support group that may assist you in living a fuller life. – Allegra

So excited for more of this podcast. What a great idea to look into one of the most difficult struggles – invisible illness and suffering. It’s so much harder to cope when people can’t ‘see’ what you’re dealing with. This one is really well produced and easy to get into right away. Looking forward to more of what is to come. – Jon

Love the open discussion of health from the perspective of the whole person. Great podcast! – Amber

Lauren, host of the Uninvisible podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! – Brooke

This podcast sheds a light on topics that are too often kept in the dark. Very informative and engaging! – Arlie

Just started listening to the podcast today – at episode 7. I found this podcast to be very informative. I like the chemistry she has with her guests, which made the podcast more intriguing and I liked how it felt like a conversation rather than having information spat out at you. Looking forward to more! – Julia

Wonderful podcast! Sheds light on health experiences that we don’t often hear. So glad you’re bringing this to so many. Thank you! – Camille

Excellent podcast! Thank you for shining a light on important issues that are often misunderstood and overlooked. Much needed discussions! – Al

What a great idea, and so well done! – Rene

Brilliant concept, incredibly important and I know Lauren’s intelligence, advocacy and sensitivity will make these podcasts deliver life-changing insights. – Paul

Opened up a whole new world for me regarding medical conditions unknown to most not experiencing these serious challenges themselves. Relaxed but comprehensive and candid interviews with real people and skilled professionals held my attention – a must for individuals experiencing these conditions as well as family and friends who, as critical support groups, need to know they are not alone on their journey in pursuit of the wellness of loved ones. – Art

So informative and Lauren has a wonderful and soothing voice. Love it! – Michelle

What a great podcast – giving voice to important health issues that get swept under the “common knowledge” rug! Positive advocacy messages in the episodes! – Laura

I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts! Thanks for sharing your journey. Lauren is a great host, so conversational and smart. The guests have been great too! – Kimi
This was a delightful foray into the various approaches in medicine. Very focused and well spoken guests, smoothly hosted. – Caesar

Wonderful podcast! – Sara

Very informative and interesting podcast. Time well spent. – Zara

I really enjoy this podcast and all the info I’ve never heard of. Lauren has such a welcoming tone in her voice and it helps me absorb the content even more. – Mel


I love her podcasts! – A

GREAT! – Andrew

Great podcast about an important subject that isn’t often discussed. – James

What a wonderful podcast. It is informative and very well done. I look forward to many more and will pass along! – Jane

Pretty rad underserved area. These chronic diseases never get the attention of the flashier ones, but it’s really interesting to hear about the day to day impact on people and the strategies they use to cope and manage. – Jason

Such a good and helpful podcast about understanding what we cannot see. – Justin

Love this podcast. – Ray

Interesting subjects and insightful interviews. – Rachel

This is exactly what I needed! Thank you! So inspirational and info. I love your voice and I love hearing everyone’s story. – Sonora

Such a smart series! – Kate

This podcast is comprehensive and has a really caring approach. So interesting, thorough and helpful! – George

Interviews with some of the bravest people around, who are finally able to share stories of their pain and illnesses. But this podcast is no downer! Their personalities, they talk with humor. So proud of Lauren for launching this podcast and for seeking out such interesting interviewees! – Sam

The openness of what she is sharing … a forum for support and information… – Jeanne

Lauren is a wonderful speaker she’s going to make a great advocate & podcaster!💪Mary

Lauren’s abilities are vast and wide-ranging. She always does a great job. – Lawrence

Brilliant concept, incredibly important and I know Lauren’s intelligence, advocacy and sensitivity will make these podcasts deliver life-changing insights. 💪Paul