Sharing information, inspiration, and comfort while advocating for greater awareness has given us a few compliments along the way...

Lively and inspiring interviews that are uplifting and hugely informative. You learn so much from the interaction between the knowledgeable host…an invisible illness survivor…and her extremely interesting interview subjects, who are both fellow survivors and health professionals.

— Helen

Lauren has a way of bringing out people’s best truth. – Emily

Fearless, funny, and into gems; Lauren rallies around each guest and we learn and grow and get engaged in our own health victories all over again! — Sonora

I really like this podcast with Lauren. I have epilepsy and a hearing problem and connect on multiple levels with this podcast. Thanks so much. – Rosaria

There is something about the way Lauren talks to her guests that immediately draws me in. I appreciate the candor and diversity of the conversations. The topics are always interesting. — Moira

Great podcast with a diverse range of guests. Lauren is a great host who asks all the right questions and is able to guide interviews well without dominating the conversation. Also thankful that queer folk are involved <3 – Katy

Opened up a whole new world for me regarding medical conditions unknown to most not experiencing those serious challenges themselves. Relaxed but comprehensive and candid interviews with real people and skilled professionals held my attention — a must for individuals experiencing these conditions as well as family and friends who, as critical support groups, need to know they are not alone on their journey in their pursuit of the wellness of their loved ones. — Art

I LOVE Lauren’s take on connecting with the individual and their story while providing useful insights. Her guests clearly feel comfortable with her and therefore open up in a way that touches and inspires the audience. It’s a great podcast if you’re looking to learn and be entertained at the same time, whether you’re a chronic illness warrior or not! – Eva

Lauren, host of the Uninvisible Podcast, highlight all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t-miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is useful to anyone that listens! — Brooke

Lauren works tirelessly to create a cutting edge podcast that genuinely speaks to the chronic illness and invisible illness community. She cultivates authentic relationships with her guests and makes sure to bring on a diverse group of individuals that will speak to everyone in the community. Lauren isn’t afraid to ask the questions the matter! — Fight Like A Warrior

Outstanding content. — Henriette

Weekly podcast with chronic illness patients and health professionals. The emphasis is on illnesses that appear unseen. Lauren covers a huge range, and somehow always manages to find the most interesting interview subjects and, most importantly, every interview is fun, inspiring and upbeat — despite the often devastating diagnoses. — Helen

Uninvisible creates an incredible community!! So critical for anyone experiencing health-care challenges! — Irene

She’s incredible with her offerings and interviews which include truthful, touching, genuine and raw experiences. — Brie

Lauren’s podcast highlights health professionals and patient advocates who suffer with chronic invisible diseases. She is connecting those that may feel like they are living with their conditions alone. Lauren’s content is relevant and interesting. Plus, she is fun and has a lot of personality. You can tell she is passionate about her work. — Anon.

Helping others to live with pain. — Stephen

Lauren hosts an amazing podcast with content that is relatable and relevant to the audience she serves. She works tirelessly to create authentic relationships with her guests and her community, while asking the questions that get to the issues that matter most! She is genuine and kind, while being a powerful voice for patients both on and off air! — Anon.

Lauren works tirelessly to not only produce amazing content that provides invaluable resources to our community, but she also acts as a connector. She uses the work she does through her podcast to help us all reach out to each other, helping our corner of the internet grow in size and heart. Truly amazing work! — Jaelin

She has a heart and passion for helping women and men have a voice in a world where illness is often characterized by a ‘look’. The issue is that it leaves those who suffer from chronic illness — and look okay — on the outside, a misconstrued reality to everyone else. Lauren’s work allows the world to see the depths of illness and empowers Spoonies. ” — Lorna

Uninvisible is an incredible resource for anyone experiencing health challenges (and wellness experiences!) I’d highly recommend it!! — Rachel

Lauren is entertaining, witty and amazing at what she does by shedding light on those impacted by invisible illnesses! — Lindsay

The blog provides unbelievable resources for anyone experiencing health challenges! — Ricki

Her cast on neuropathy hit home for me. — Anon.

So helpful to other sufferers of chronic illness. — Mike

Lauren is giving a platform to speak our health in the United States and the lack of services that are provided for people that have health issues that are uncommon or mistreated. She gives resources, hope and makes you feel less alone. — Cecelia

While all patients deserve an advocate, Lauren gives voice to patients who often feel voiceless because their disease is not visible to the naked-eye. In a world where judgment about someone is often based on ‘first glance,’ Lauren’s dedication to raising awareness about the suffering that is more than skin deep makes her a Patient Leader Hero. — Kathleen

Inspiring interviews that are informative. You are encouraged with the interaction and knowledge that are shared. Lauren has excellent skills and drive to help people who lost hopes to find their path. — Wendy

Uninvisible creates an incredible community full of support, healing, and energy! — Marie

“Really great range of content which makes the subject accessible, understandable and relatable.” — Anon. is the most sensitive, informative, vital pod relating to people who have invisible illnesses. It opens the world’s eyes to the diverse sufferings of this unique population. It also frees the afflicted by enabling them to share information, providing live, first-hand, heart-rending, open expression of their different illnesses. — Howard

Full of valuable information and insight. – Sofie

Super engaging and informative! Do not miss out on learning more about the human experience. – Robin

I have been going through the process of doctors appointments and such trying to find out what’s going on with me. This podcast is so informative and it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this process. I highly recommend giving it a listen. – Will

This podcast has so many great bits of information and knowledge about how to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Interspersed with humor and wit, Lauren does a great job of interviewing experts and making the takeaways real. I’d highly recommend this podcast to anyone who cares about their health… Which should be everyone! – Rachel

Very interesting podcast and accessible to all. Lauren’s voice is amazing and her approach is curiosity at its best – on a mission to discover a better understanding of our bodies within the environment we live in today. – Alycia


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