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Lauren Freedman

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Lauren Freedman is an entrepreneur, voice actor, writer and activist who lives in Los Angeles.

Originally from NYC, she has lived with depression and anxiety since she was a teen, and was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and sleep disorders in 2017. This sparked her interest in the invisible illness community and her fellow “Spoonies”, with whom she wishes to commune and share information, inspiration, and comfort while advocating for greater awareness among friends, family, coworkers, and society at large.

Lauren graduated from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with a BA (Hons) in Acting in 2008. She’s a longtime student of the School of Hard Knocks and What’s-A-Matta-U. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Read Lauren’s latest articles here.

Read Lauren’s latest articles here.

About Our Show


A podcast about invisible conditions and chronic invisible illness, featuring interviews with survivors, their loved ones, advocates, and experts in varied healing modalities, from medical to holistic.

Hosted by Lauren Freedman, a voice actor, writer, and activist, who lives with Hashimoto’s disease and sleep
disorders, Uninvisible uncovers real stories of survival and humanity – complete with laughter. In truth and with candor, we offer solutions – and challenge the world to change.


Our Partners

Lauren and Uninvisible Pod collaborate with myriad organizations, from patient leadership to non-profit. Want in on this list? Contact us!

Angels of Epilepsy

Angels Of Epilepsy, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and advocacy organization that supports, advocates, and provides educational information and resources within the epilepsy community. AOE started in 2008 and has assisted many survivors and families throughout the state of Georgia, in other states, and around the world. Our main goal is to supply the needs for survivors and families within the epilepsy community.


Flowly is a mobile app for pain and anxiety. Explore interactive experiences that teach you how to regulate your nervous system through relaxation training, keep track of your progress, and share it all with a supportive community. All content can be experienced on your phone, or in a VR headset that comes with a subscription.

StuffThatWorks Uninvisible Pod


StuffThatWorks is an AI-based, crowdsourcing platform where people share information about their experiences with a chronic condition and generate data-driven insights about which treatments work best, and for whom. The folks at STW are harnessing the power of AI to create the world’s largest and most up-to-date database of patient reported outcomes for every chronic condition! Within condition communities, members can learn from the data and see insights about anything from age of onset to most reported and most indicative symptoms, early symptoms, indicative comorbidities, aggravating factors and effective treatments. STW’s goal is to empower millions of individuals dealing with chronic illness. Join the community today!



Our mission is to reduce the burden of chronic disease through the power of the patient. Lyfebulb Ambassadors are leaders in the community. They are advocates, and passionate individuals who use their voice to tell stories, create change, and inspire others living with chronic disease.

WEGO Health

WEGO Health is a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming healthcare by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. We make insights actionable by partnering with patient leaders to co-create authentic content and execute high-impact social media campaigns that move their peers from disease awareness to health activation. Your story matters. Your story could help another patient navigate their journey.

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Uninvisible is a support podcast that provides information, ideas, suggestions, and experiences that deal squarely with medical issues that present unique advocacy issues for individuals. We do not provide medical advice of any kind. We do provide support, concepts, ideas, discussions, and information you can use to help make sure that you are being heard and that your concerns are being addressed. Please consult with your physician for any medical issue that you are facing – but we will be here for you along your journey.

We welcome all comments about our episodes and, of course, the correction of any errors. Information and comments that you send to us are governed by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which are available on our website located at www.uninvisiblepod.com. The opinions expressed by guests are their own and are not necessarily the opinion of Uninvisible or the show sponsors.

Most of all, we welcome your stories and experiences to share with our community because without you, this community and the benefit it offers all of us would not exist. Any advertising that you may hear is accepted without regard to our editorial content. Of course, in the event that you are having a medical emergency of any kind, consult your physician or emergency services.


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