Episode 104: Jeniece Dortch, Founder of Special Needs Siblings

Episode 104: Jeniece Dortch, Founder of Special Needs Siblings


Jeniece Dortch is a mom of six, her children ranging in age from 4-16 years. She has a passion for the special needs community that was born when her second-eldest son, Christian Garcia, was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. She not only saw the need to advocate for these communities, but for the entire family unit (even those who are able-bodied) as inclusive members of the special needs community. With this idea in mind, she formed Special Needs Siblings, Inc. — a nonprofit committed to raising awareness, support and resources for the siblings of disabled individuals. Now a public speaker, writer, and blogger who fights for both the special needs and minority communities, Jeniece has also founded JLQ Marketing, an organization that focuses on helping non-profits grow. She created this company along with her loving husband, Thomas Dortch III (and they were recently married, so send them some extra celebratory love!). Jeniece and Thomas continue this mission to give underserved communities and organizations a voice.



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