Episode 111: P4AD’s Samantha Reid on Patient Advocacy and Life with Crohn’s Disease

Episode 111: P4AD’s Samantha Reid on Patient Advocacy and Life with Crohn’s Disease


Samantha Reid is the Digital Director for Patients for Affordable Drugs. Growing up in Illinois, she suffered from a “bad stomach” and weakened immune system, having caught pneumonia nine times by the age of nine. But it wasn’t until she was in her late teens that she sought answers. A diagnosis of Crohn’s disease eventually led her into patient advocacy, where her passion for improving patient quality of life helped her find her way to P4AD. Now an active member of the Spoonie community, she’s also the creator behind the “Sicker Than Your Average” campaign, which was originally designed to help her raise money to cover her own medical bills, and has since expanded to include donations toward racial equity causes. In 2019, she had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to testify to Congress, where she told our elected officials that “good health is not a moral virtue, and bad health is not a moral failing.” She has also used her voice to teach us that “if your activism doesn’t include disability justice, it’s not as intersectional as you think it is.” A lover of books, feminism, friends, family, and cats, she’s the millennial we all want to be one day. Join us in welcoming this bright spark to the show!



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