Episode 90: Heart Transplant & Life Out Loud w/ Amanda DeJesus

Episode 90: Heart Transplant & Life Out Loud w/ Amanda DeJesus


Amanda DeJesus was the recipient of a heart transplant at the age of 15. Inspired by her need to eat heart-healthy, she developed a passion for cooking and trained as a chef, graduating from the Art Institute of Houston in Texas. With her friend and stroke survivor Kelly Fucheck, she is co-host of the podcast Unfiltered Survivors. In 2017, Amanda served as a spokeswomen for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign; she continues to volunteer with the AHA, and is also affiliated with Donate Life America and Lyfebulb. As a chef, she continues to serve clients seeking to find heart-healthy alternatives to their favorite dishes, assisting patients who are undergoing lifestyle changes and providing support and education — from shopping to cooking lessons. She is currently on the list for a second heart and kidney transplant, so tune in and join us in wishing her luck!



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Transcript coming soon!

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