Episode 152: Gigi Robinson – Everything You Need Is Within

Episode 152: Gigi Robinson – Everything You Need Is Within


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Gigi Robinson: if you don’t already know her, then welcome to the party! From making history as a finalist in the Sports Illustrated Swim Search, to her advocacy in the chronic illness and body positivity spheres, all the way to NFT research and navigating life as a small business owner — she truly does it all. With features in Bustle, Business Insider, Forbes, and Vogue Business, Gigi combines beauty and brains as GenZ’s forefront thought leader in the content creation space. Having been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) at the age of 11 (and more recently diagnosed with endometriosis), Gigi knows how hard it is to be different. However, her lively spirit, positive demeanor, and elevated work ethic have made her and her Spotify Live Podcast “Everything You Need Is Within” an instant hit. Listeners of her podcast have the opportunity to learn how to become their own advocates, challenge the status quo, and dominate in professional settings. When she is not working on her podcast or posing for national campaigns, Gigi can be found working on her newsletter, “The Creator Chronicles.” Her latest project is aimed at documenting life as a young woman with a chronic illness and unlocking behind-the-scenes tips and tricks for rising content creators. With so much more on the horizon including an upcoming speaking tour, creative production for brands, advising brands and a recently-released book, A Kid’s Book About Chronic Illness, Gigi is just getting started.



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