Episode 125: Fight Like A Warrior Founder Alexa Chronister

Episode 125: Fight Like A Warrior Founder Alexa Chronister


Alexa Chronister is the founder and president of Fight Like A Warrior (FLAW). She created FLAW after creating the Cards For Warriors program (sending handmade cards of encouragement to chronic illness warriors across the globe, reminding them they are not alone) in 2016. With the goal of creating a community of empowerment and improving the lives of those with chronic health conditions, she developed FLAW as a way to cope with her own health challenges, while giving back to others (and won a WEGO Health award in 2019 to prove it!). In 2020, she received her bachelor's degree with honors distinction in public policy (with a minor in social entrepreneurship!) from the University of Delaware, and completed a thesis focused on health policy and disease advocacy among POTS patients. Never a shrinking violet, she also plans to attend law school and pursue a career in health policy. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Alexa was instrumental in launching FLAW’s #ProtectTheVulnerable campaign, in partnership with numerous patient advocacy platforms including Health Advocacy Summit (founded by former guest Sneha Dave!), Support Fibro (founded by former guest Melissa Talwar), and InvisiYouth (founded by former guest Dominique Viel), among others. Alexa has a passion for working with individuals and communities to advance policy, advocacy, and entrepreneurial efforts, particularly within healthcare, focused on improving access and reducing inequity. [A note that this episode was recorded a year ago, and may feature some dated mentions of the #ProtectTheVulnerable campaign and Alexa’s recent college graduation!]



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