Episode 109: Breath, Movement, and Chronic Pain with TN Advocate Kayla Harley

Episode 109: Breath, Movement, and Chronic Pain with TN Advocate Kayla Harley


*** TW / CW: This episode features brief mention of suicidal ideation and a detailed description of chronic pain. ***

Kayla Harley is a certified GYROKINESISⓇ instructor, Optimal Life Breath Pathologist, doula, and energy healer helping dancers, athletes and everyday movers alike improve their quality of movement: for breath integration and to prevent injury. She is an International Practitioner and among the forerunners in the International Association for Blacks in Dance. She believes firmly that the body has the power to heal itself through active listening and diligent response, and knows this first-hand: as she lives with trigeminal neuralgia, chronic fatigue, and muscle spasticity. Much of her healing has been in the use of holistic methods to manage her own chronic pain and fatigue, and this deep personal work has informed her practice. The work that she does is exploratory and includes Shamanic practices that naturally generate a sense of connection to the divine from the inner-being, outward. Her health and wellness brand, Beebodi, is both a journey of her personal life and testament through healing and naturopathy; as well as a guide to creating a personalized wellness plan and regimen for others.



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