Episode 108: INNOVATORS – Part 1

Episode 108: INNOVATORS – Part 1


Join us as we launch a brand new series on Uninvisible Pod — INNOVATORS! In this series, we will periodically release episodes including short-form interviews with founders whose work is creating waves of change in chronic and invisible illness and disability. First up, as we dive in to the end of the year and look forward into 2021: Yale graduate Celine Tien, founder and CEO of Flowly, a mobile platform for chronic pain and anxiety management; Yael Elish, formerly co-founder and head of product at Waze and now founder of StuffThatWorks, an AI-based crowdsourcing platform where people share information in a structured way about their experiences with a chronic condition, aimed at learning which treatments work best and for whom; and finally, Dave Korsunsky, healthcare entrepreneur and founder of Heads Up Health, a mobile app and web portal that integrates all of a patient’s health records and syncs with pharmacies, clinics, and a wide range of popular health and fitness apps. Like me, you might be reading this and saying, WHOA! I was so blown away by all these individuals and what their services offer the Spoonie community, I wanted to give them an opportunity to share their stories and the importance of their work with you. So: merry happy everything, from me, Celine, Yael, and Dave…to you!



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Uninvisible Pod Innovators Part 1 Celine Tien Flowly Yael Elish StuffThatWorks Waze David Korsunsky Heads Up Health

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