Episode 101: Breast Cancer Survivor & Advocate Vatesha Bouler

Episode 101: Breast Cancer Survivor & Advocate Vatesha Bouler


An educator for over 20 years, Vatesha Bouler is a kindergarten teacher and (almost!) six-year breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at a relatively young age, her experience pushed her to believe that life must be lived to the fullest — and she walks that walk every day in her advocacy work for others enduring similar experiences. A public speaker and author, she is one of the writers of Beyond Her Reflection, wherein she shares her healthcare story. A woman of faith, she also serves on the Cancer Support Ministry at her church, and has found continued love and support not only in her religious community, but also among friends and family who rallied to assist her in her healing. She recently launched the podcast Tesha’s Tea Room, where she interviews prominent survivors and practitioners in the breast cancer community about life during and after diagnosis.



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Transcript coming soon!

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