Monthly Round Up February 2021

We hear such meaningful advice from every single person who appears on Uninvisible Pod. But one nugget that we hear often, and that bears repeating, is: always go with your…

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Monthly Round Up January 2021

January has become a happy month at Uninvisible Pod, because it’s the month we started! You can now access two whole years of podcast eps. We’re keeping up the pace…

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Monthly Round Up November 2020

Hey y’all! Not sure if you realized, but Uninvisible Pod celebrated its 100th episode this month!!! We set out on this journey to facilitate a community through conversation nearly two…

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Monthly Round Up October 2020

We wanted to spend some time in October focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy, a disease that we feel is stigmatized and ‘swept under the rug’ far too often. Each…

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Monthly Round Up September 2020

Hi Little Spoons! How is everyone doing in month uhhh (maybe six?!) of this pandemic? It doesn’t seem fair to call it “quarantine” anymore as this is beginning to feel…

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Monthly Round Up August 2020

August 2020 was full of birthdays (mine!), giveaways (with Embr Labs), guest speaking (at Podfest Global Summit), and collaboration (with Health Podcast Network). We were also fortunate enough to hear…

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Monthly Round Up July 2020

Helloooo summer awareness! Between #ChronicDiseaseAwarenessDay, #FibroidAwarenessMonth, and the #BlackDisabledLivesMatter movement, there was a TON to become more educated about this past month in the chronic illness community! Uninvisible Pod is…

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Monthly Round Up June 2020

What a month we had in June 2020! We hope your summer is off to a good start as we have officially lost track of the number of weeks we’ve…

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Monthly Round Up May 2020

Hi listeners! Thanks for catching our Monthly Round Up for May 2020. What a strange time, indeed! We have had plenty of time to reflect on ourselves and the conversations…

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Monthly Round Up April 2020

April 2020 – as we’re settling into our new “normal” life during the pandemic, the team at Uninvisible Pod and our Spoonie community has been busy from home! As an…

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Monthly Round Up March 2020

Welcome back to another Monthly Round Up! Another great month is in the can, and we’re excited to reflect on the awesome guests we sat down with. It’s amazing to…

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