Monthly Round Up July 2019

Monthly Round Up July 2019

Hi guys! July was full of great conversations with great guests. We got to explore and hear about individual journeys to recovery and living with invisible illness in addition to award-winning practices in patient advocacy. We’re so excited for you to hear these stories!

Who did we talk to in July? We spoke with Dr. Ginny Orenstein (twice!!) on healing herself with Anthony William’s Medical Medium protocols for diet and lifestyle; Becca Lustgarten on Celiac disease and going gluten-free; and Trishna Bharadia (again, twice!!) on campaigning for MS patient advocacy. Our conversations with Dr. Ginny Orenstein and Trishna Bharadia were so powerful, they couldn’t be contained in just one episode 🙂

Trishna Bharadia was a particularly great guest to have on the show, as her work follows last month’s theme of invisible illness advocacy. Her passion, like all of ours, keeps her going — and she is a believer in the history of patient advocacy and the impact it has had and will continue to have on individuals living with invisible illness.

Queue up a few of these for a car trip or whenever you like to listen to podcasts most – July is not a month to be missed!!

Episodes Featured:

Episode 29: Medical Medium Healed My Life with Dr. Ginny Orenstein, Part 1

At 34, Dr. Ginny Orenstein (doctor of music!) had finally been diagnosed with severe systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis in her chest and spine, two benign vascular brain tumors, and microvascular ischemic brain disease (stroke). Her life was one of confinement – she had been bedridden for 2.5 years, and prescribed medications and chemotherapy were causing more harm than good. Her Hail Mary was played out on a whim: she purchased Medical Medium by Anthony William. We hear a lot about Medical Medium (MM) in the chronic illness community, and we thought – who better to tell us more about their experience with his work than a woman who has healed herself and her husband with his advice? Listeners: meet Dr. Ginny.

Episode 30: Medical Medium Healed My Life with Dr. Ginny Orenstein, Part 2

Listen in to Part 2 of Lauren’s interview with Dr. Ginny Orenstein (Dr. of music!) of @EatPrayLupus, who healed herself of lupus SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, two benign brain tumors, and stroke with Medical Medium Anthony William’s protocols for diet and lifestyle. Tune in for this real-life story of renewal.

Episode 31: Celiac Disease with Becca Lustgarten

Becca Lustgarten is a vocalist, writer, and classically-trained actress. A few years ago, after suffering severe digestive distress, she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Becca joins us to share her story of discovery, going gluten-free, and how she’s worked to heal her gut since her diagnosis.

Episode 32: Award-Winning MS Patient Advocate, Trishna Bharadia, Part 1

Trishna Bharadia is an award-winning patient advocate, and was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 28. The diagnosis helped her find her true purpose: to actively campaign for patient engagement and to represent the possibilities of living – and thriving – with MS. She has since become a public speaker, writer, vlogger, blogger, consultant, advisor, and educator in the chronic illness sphere, volunteering with organizations such as the MS Society, Asian MS, ADD International, and the MS Trust (among others), as well as being recognized by the British Prime Minister with the Points of Light award, which recognizes outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Such a great episode. Tune in for more!

Episode 33: Award-Winning MS Patient Advocate, Trishna Bharadia, Part 2

In Part 2 of Lauren’s interview with award-winning patient advocate Trishna Bharadia, we dig deeper into the details of her work and what drives her every day. Her passion truly keeps her going, and she recognizes the historical importance of patient advocacy, drawing inspiration from the other patients and advocates she encounters. While she sees that no two patients are going to have the same path, she emphasizes the importance of finding the right kind of support to live a full life.


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