Episode 36: Tonya Butts

Tonya Butts is the founder of Sweet Apricity, a sweets company that makes elimination-diet-compliant caramels (and caramel sauce!), marshmallows, and more. The company started on a whim: Tonya began crafting her dairy-free caramels as a graduation gift for her best friend Wendy, who manages debilitating symptoms with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). While offering powerful relief…

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Episode 17: Calliope Tsoukalas

In our 17thepisode, Lauren brings back a familiar guest: Calliope Tsoukalas, a nutrition and wellness coach based in Los Angeles, CA. Calliope is on the show again not only to go more in-depth about her practice, but also to share her experiences living with one of the most nebulous of invisible illness diagnoses: IBS. Key…

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