Episode 50: Jaelin & Natalie Palmer

Jaelin Palmer is a 25-year-old activist and organizer living with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and TN (trigeminal neuralgia). She was diagnosed with CRPS at 15, following a jaw surgery gone wrong; the TN diagnosis came much later, despite her extreme chronic facial pain. Her mother, Natalie, joins us in this…

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Episode 18: Dominique Viel

Dominique Viel is the founder of InvisiYouth Charity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps teens and young adults around the world with varied chronic conditions and disabilities discover empowering lifestyle programs to live full lives while battling illness. A natural progression of speaking engagements she began as a teen in research hospital treatment centers, she…

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Episode 7: Harold Kraft, M.D.

In this episode, Lauren sits down with Dr. Harold Kraft, owner and operator of LaserMD Pain Relief in Southern California. With a background in anesthesiology and engineering, he has been working in groundbreaking Class 4 laser technology to treat and cure various forms of pain and injury, from neuropathy, arthritis, CRPS, and sciatica to fibromyalgia,…

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