Episode 156: Emily Levy, co-Founder of Mighty Well

Episode 156: Emily Levy, co-Founder of Mighty Well


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Last episode as of Dec 2023

Emily Ana Levy is a distinguished social impact entrepreneur, renowned patient advocate, healthcare Key Opinion Leader, and acclaimed international public speaker. Emily's journey led her to co-found Mighty Well in 2016. It’s a startup driven by her personal experiences as a patient grappling with chronic neurological Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions, along with the challenges of managing vascular access devices. Mighty Well's direct-to-patient brand offers innovative medical products and comprehensive digital learning on vascular access, empowering patients to confidently navigate their health journey. With an unwavering commitment, Levy and her team have successfully launched seven adaptive medical products, notably the Class 1 FDA-registered PICCPerfect® Pro. Emily and Mighty Well's impact has been featured across various media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Who What Wear, The Boston Globe, PBS, Forbes, and more. In 2021, inspired by her transformative healing journey in the Amazon and stepping into her gifts as a seer, medium, and deathwalker, Emily established Hamsa Healing. In her practice, she is dedicated to facilitating clients in experiencing profound healing practices from the Amazon and the spiritual realm — practices that played a vital role in saving her life and putting her chronic illnesses into remission. Currently residing in Providence, the heart of the Ocean State of Rhode Island, Emily finds solace in cold water plunges that invigorate her senses and ground her in the present moment. She cherishes moments at home with her two adopted poodles, a warm blanket, and a cup of tea; valuing introspection over bustling networking events. Emily remains devoted to self-discovery, eager to share her insights with folks who, like her, have felt marginalized within a business and medical system that often overlooks their needs for visibility, understanding, and validation. What started as an entrepreneurial journey to 'turn sickness into strength' has now become one of learning strength from sickness.



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