Episode 155: Hanah Salas, Magic Mama of Open Apothecary

Episode 155: Hanah Salas, Magic Mama of Open Apothecary


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Hanah Salas is the magic mama of three littles; an energy worker and maker, she is the founder of the first and only CBD wellness company that offers sliding scale pricing on its goods: Open Apothecary/Magic Mama Co.! She started consciously making herbal remedies when she was pregnant with her first child, out of the need to use healthy, natural, safe products for her whole family. Then her mom was diagnosed with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, while at the same time, one of her twin daughters was born with a heart defect. Her intentions and need to create stronger, more magical remedies was born. She started infusing her products with more love; Reiki, prayers, and high vibrations to aid in healing. Her goal now is to make these products more accessible and affordable. The more she sells on her platform, the more she is able to donate products and services to those in need who cannot afford it.



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