Episode 119: Buenqamino, Lyme & Co.

Episode 119: Buenqamino, Lyme & Co.


Christina Kantzavelos (@buenqamino // @beginwithintoday) is a Lyme warrior, award-winning freelance writer/content creator, chronic illness advocate, and licensed psychotherapist. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections in October of 2018. However, she struggled with debilitating symptoms and various autoimmune diseases for years prior. Her treatment has included a mixture of Eastern and Western modalities, nutritional changes, a switch to non-toxic living, clean beauty, DNRS (neural-retraining therapy), as well as a strong focus on self-care — such as journaling, painting, joining CoDA, and being out in nature. From being couch-bound and sensitive to just about everything (scents, food, EMFs), she is now back in the world, hiking again, and tolerating most foods and scents. Although she is still on the road to healing, she has made a conscious decision to choose an attitude and intention of thriving over an obsession with surviving — and hopes to share that with others. She is also the author of our favorite symptom tracker, the Begin Within Today journal, and the proud momma of a service-dog-in-training, Cowboy.



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