Ep 69: Dr. Madan Kandula

Ep 69: Dr. Madan Kandula

Otolaryngologist Dr. Madan Kandula is considered Wisconsin’s thought leader for breathing and snoring/sleep apnea solutions. An expert in ear, nose, and throat medicine, his knowledge of healthy breathing has propelled him — alongside his wife, who is an audiologist — to found ADVENT, the largest independent ENT practice in Wisconsin, where they provide their patients with solution-based treatments without the uncertainty, dismissive attitude, and long waits that are often the norm. As such, he routinely treats patients who have had unsuccessful results from previous surgeries, and is often able to correct breathing issues with less invasive procedures. Along with his many other achievements, he is the first surgeon to perform balloon sinuplasty in Wisconsin, and the developer of a new model of care to evaluate The Breathing Triangle. Dr. Kandula is no stranger to these procedures, having undergone sinus surgery himself! In this episode, we dug deep into sleep apnea and related issues.

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Tune in as Dr. Kandula shares…

  • what The Breathing Triangle is, and how it applies to his work
  • that if you have obstructive sleep apnea, you have a throat issue — 100% of the time
  • the main foci of his practice: sleep apnea, snoring, nasal blockage, and sinus issues
  • that he encounters many patients who feel frustrated because the healthcare system hasn’t worked in their favor
  • that the success rate in treating sleep apnea is generally only about 30% — but with the proper interventions, it can be treated properly
  • that he commonly treats snoring and fatigue (usually caused by sleep disorders like apnea)
  • his approach: more integrative and root-cause-related, rather than putting a Band-Aid on symptoms
  • that there are too many people walking around in this world suffering needlessly — who ought not to be
  • that sleep apnea doesn’t discriminate based on age: it can affect anyone, at any time
  • that our airways are evolving to be narrower over time, which is causing more breathing issues during sleep (as well as a host of other complications)
  • that our environment has changed over time, exposing us to new allergens
  • how he envisions change in the medical system — with a shift to preventive care that could save time and money
  • why doctors are experiencing burnout in the current healthcare system structure
  • how his practice treats sleep apnea, and how the approach to treatment needs to change


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